About Julia Staszewska

Designer Julia Staszewska.

Julia Staszewska is a graphic designer and illustrator. She accepts assignments where she designs patterns for public and private spaces. Her drawer is full of sketches and ideas waiting for new life in the form of patterns or illustrations.

– I sketch by hand which gives a more vivid impression, says Julia, then I process the ideas digitally. It gives a lot of freedom when it comes to repeat and color.

On top of her assignments, Julia is also designing and experimenting with patterns and techniques that she hand prints at a textile print shop in Malmö. The inspiration is found in fantasies, old tales, dreams, history, plant kingdoms and in people around her.

Golf Tree, pattern by Julia Staszewska.

Golf Tree pattern by Julia Staszewska.

Golf Tree

Julia Staszewska has designed the pattern Golf Tree for FORE! jewelry where a lot of the inspiration she mention can be seen. The shapes are organic and if you look close you’ll see the golf balls as well.

More on Julia Staszewska on her website:designbyjulia.se

Julia Staszewska on Facebook:www.facebook.com/designbyjulia