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Timeless, exclusive and playful jewelry in 925 Sterling Silver.

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Should you be interested in “Golf Fashion” our cooperation amongs female golf product entrepreneurs can be worth a closer look.

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A sunny day at the golf course – the history of FORE!

The sunshine was brilliant and the putts were falling. It was a lovely golf round just outside Örebro, Sweden. Two dedicated golfers and entrepreneurs had come to relax with a round of golf. But instead of playing they were now caught up in a vivid conversation, they were struck by an idea: Why not make jewelry for those who loves both golf and design.

Golf and design was something that they knew but jewelry was something new. The idea of a designed collection of jewelry for golfers was too good to let go, but how to proceed?

A few weeks later the brand FORE! was registered. They made contact with a famous and successful group of Swedish designers based in Soho, New York. The group is known as Yvone Christa New York and designs exclusive jewelry that can be seen in media and on celebrities.

Yvonne Clamf is a part of Yvone Christa, she liked the idea and started to make sketches. In the fall of 2007 the first collection was released, it had its own distinctive forms inspired by golf. The small Swedish business FORE! jewelry got great attention from media in several countries.