FORE! sponsor competition prizes.

FORE! sponsor competition prizes – golf competition “Hjärtgolfen” at Kårsta GK.

The competition is part of the 1.6 million club golf tournament “HJÄRTGOLFEN” which is hosted at eleven clubs across Sweden. 47 teams played at Kårsta golf club. HJÄRTGOLFEN is a golf tournament for women which is both played for your own health and for others. All participants donate money via the starting fee to women’s health research. (The 1.6 & 2.6 Million Club is an ideal women’s health organization founded in 1998 and dedicated to women’s health.)

Photo: Lennarth Sollerman

Photo: Lennarth Sollerman

Jewelery in sterling silver and semi-precious stones sponsored by FORE!

Emelie Lundström

Emelie Lundström, young scratch-player at Örebrogalan 2008 (Sweden) where she was nominated in no less than two cathegories (coming star and youth award).