Stockholm VIP Ladies

May 28, 2011. Stockholm VIP Ladies at Arlandastad, Sweden. FORE! jewelry was invited and despite the windy and rather cold day, the jewelry was warmly welcomed.

FORE! jewelry at Dormy

FORE! jewelry at golf warehouse Dormy in Sweden. Girl’s Night and the attention was intense when Yvonne Clamf from Yvone Christa shows golf jewelry. 

Japan Golf Fair 2010

FORE! jewelry introduced at the Japan Golf Fair in Tokyo, February 2010. Present at the FORE! booth amongst others young professional Mr. Taigen Tumagari.


Gwladys Nocera

Gwladys Nocera has a long list of merits. She is a three times member of the Solheim Cup team for Europe: 2005, 2007 and 2009. In 2005 she proved that she was the right choice by beating Christine Kerr in their single match.

Mianne Bagger

Mianne Bagger is off to Swizerland in May 2009 to play on a tour. She finished the Australian season as number four on the ALPG-list (Australian Ladies Professional)